Molten GG7 Basketball

Molten are a well recognised brand in the production of basketballs. There official game balls are FIBA approved and feature radical new 12 panel design.

The GG7 is approved by FIBA for international competitions including the 2012 London Olympics and is now the official ball for the Great Britain Basketball Federation, Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association, Irish Basketball Association, Welsh Basketball Association, British Basketball League, England Schools’ Basketball Association and Mini Basketball England. This surely is enough evidence to prove the balls worth, to pass FIBA’s rigorous, specific training and to be used in so many different associations and competitions.

The ball is made from composite leather, which is now heavily endorsed by associations such as FIBA opposed to leather balls which if aren’t broken in can lack grip and have a slippy feel to them.

I do not own this ball, but may buy it after shopping around for others first. Here are a few reviews from people who own the Molten GG7:

4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 9 reviews)

Good Bounce
Handles Well
Good Bounce
Looks good nice grip
Retains Air Well

Grip is not great (1 review stated this)


Below are a few selected quotes from reviews:

“I love this ball. using it in a summer league. Easy to find your ball at the end of the games. Even though the colors are a little different, the feel is amazing and handles well. Perfect for the price.”

“You need to break it in ASAP…Funny bounce at first, but in the long run it should feel fine.”

“I’ve used this ball in competition and in practice and it handles really well. Nice balance and good grip.”

I’ll update this post with my own views if I purchase the ball for myself. If you have this basketball or own any other Molten ball, feel free to leave a comment with your opinions.

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